Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wuxi Weekend

This past weekend my friends Jocelyn and Carlee went on a quick trip with me! We went to Wuxi on Saturday morning (it took about 30 mins on the train). It was pouring rain when we got there but that didn't stop us from having an awesome day. 

We knew of a park in this city so we started showing people pictures and asking them how to get there. Eventually we found the right buses. As we cruised through the rolling green hills, I looked out the window and saw this incredible, huge, gold statue poking through. It was gorgeous! This "grand buddha" figure is the center of the park and everything else just leads up to it. I saw tons of cool architecture and worshiping. It was really fun exploring, even though everything we had was soaked. We got to see this really amazing show in a huge grand theater and it was really moving. The whole place was filled with crazy lights and seats in the shape of a globe. The show was about life and people around the world and I loved it. 

You can't really tell but I am literally SOAKED here

The theater

Later on we took a train to SuZhou and spent the night there. In SuZhou we saw the "Central Park" and "Times Square" and some other cool malls and stuff. After that I took my friends to see Shantang Jie, a famous area known as the "Venice of China" or "Venice of the East." 
I've been there before and it's beautiful! 

Me being a weirdo as always

They're obsessed with us

Gotta love them bus rides... and my fake Michael Kors wallet ;)

Today all 19 of us performed in a big show that the kids put on for the Wujin school district officials that came. It was super fun! I will have to post our dance video on here soon. 
Love you all! Only one more month and 11 days.

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