Wednesday, May 7, 2014


WOW Beijing was amazing! I still liked Hangzhou and Zhangjiajie better, but we definitely had a great time on this trip. It started off with a 10 hour overnight train. The time flew by and we woke up in Beijing! It was a beautiful city. We stayed in the 365 Inn hostel right near Tiananmen Square. It was really fun exploring that whole area by our hostel. First stop was the Forbidden City right in the Square. So much history around us and so many cool buildings. It felt a lot like our Washington D.C.

Tiananmen Square

The entrance to the Forbidden City

Me in the Forbidden City.. I think it's also called the Imperial Palace

View from the roof of our hostel

The street at night

Another rooftop shot

Me and my buddies in the Forbidden City
From the left: Bre, Me, Madi, Carlee, Jocelyn, Jordan and Ryan

Some statues near the hostel

Day 2 we went to the Summer Palace
which I personally liked much better than the Forbidden City

Lots of cool architecture and a big lake
We took a fun boat ride around the lake here

Me with a Buddha thing and a popsicle ;)

Next we went to the Silk Market for the knockoff goods!
Here I am sitting on the floor of the metro...
maybe only those of you have been to a foreign country will
understand why this is so crazy! Sometimes when your legs
are tired you will do crazy things. The looks I got were priceless.

Right across the street from the Pearl Market... the Temple of Heaven!
Look closely ;)

Took a really fun bike ride through Beijing with my newest pengyou! (friend)

The next day I climbed the GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!

Here are my feet on the actual wall

Once in a lifetime moments...

We're always making friends with the foreigners...

The "alpine slide" off the wall

On the train back from the wall... we had to sit on the floor
Every seat was taken! Super rough :(

Me at one of the best night markets ever

Yes, I ate a whole scorpion! And a starfish too.

AND 3 grasshoppers ;) Haha

I LOVE CHINA! Life can't get much better. I hope you're all doing well! I love you guys!
Do something crazy this week for me :)


  1. Nice picture with the golden Buddha! Did you notice the sign next to the graven image?

  2. Great pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun in Beijing! You'll eat scorpion, grasshoppers, snails, shrimp with heads attached, starfish, and squid, but will you eat an In-n-Out burger? That will be your Fear Factor challenge when you get home. Apparently, we have lots of good eats crawling around our yard for you too. Love, Dad

  3. HAHAHA Dad this is why I love you! Yes, I noticed the sign that said no flash! Pictures permitted. It was really fun... and don't forget the pig ear, eel, intestines and duck I've eaten! I am definitely up for the burger challenge in just over a month! I'll be seeing you soon :)