Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good, Bad and Awesome

My Thursday was pretty eventful! The day started with my fourth graders who are my favorite! They are so cute and they’ll run up to me before class and talk to me, give me hugs and they’ll remember everything I’ve ever told them. They’ll be like “Teacha! Do you bring picture?” If I said that I’d bring pictures to show them. It makes me so happy! After all the work I put into teaching, it is super rewarding when the kids notice! I had them do a writing activity where they had to practice writing complete sentences. I told them they could make up funny sentences about me and this is what they wrote…

Nate: Teacher Brynn is very beautiful. Teacher Brynn is very smart. I see teacher Brynn on Monday to Thursday.
Trina: Teacher Brynn is beautiful. I like her smile so much. She is a very good teacher. We all like her.
Harry: My teacher is a good teacher! My teacher has a boyfriend. My teacher likes candys so much! I like my beautiful teacher!
Lisa: Teacher is a very very very good teacher! She’s teacher Brynn. My teacher likes candy and dance very much. You is a nice teacher. I love you.
Kitty: My teacher is a girl. Her name is Brynn. She is beautiful and she likes dance.
Randy: My teacher is a good teacher. She is very beautiful. Her name is teacher Brynn. I love my teacher.

I have no idea how they all ended up writing the same things! And I don’t know why Harry thinks I have a boyfriend. I have told them many times that I don’t! We still have a lot of room for improvement on sentence structure but I love everything they wrote. It made me super happy!

Then later I was able to give them candy for their participation and they loved that. At the end we played Uno which was really entertaining and they all gave me hugs :) I graded their spelling tests and they almost all got 100%! Proud teacher moment.

The day took a turn for the worse when I got a low score on my evaluation and had a really rough time teaching my 1st grade lesson. But my kids were giving me hugs and saying cute things to me which I love. After school my friends and I went out into town where we met and talked to a bunch of Chinese girls! My friend Madi heard music coming from this second story building and I ran inside and up the staircase in the back of this store. At the top we found this dance studio and a group of about 10 girls were just finishing their hip hop class! IT WAS AWESOME! Seriously I have no words to describe it! The Chinese girls were so excited to see us and we were so excited to meet them! They invited us to join their class every week so we are going to do it! Also, we got free bracelets from this Chinese lady who was super nice to us. It was a good day! I’m packed up and ready to get on the train tomorrow for vacation! It’s going to be amazing! Zaijian! 


  1. Awww Brynn forget that evaluation, your students show that they truly love you and that's what is MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Btw you videos on your blog don't work for me:(
    could you maybe reupload/ email them to me? I would love to see them. xoxo

  2. It brightens my day when I come and check in on your blog. I love seeing the pictures and the videos, and the kids are so cute! Glad to see you are enjoying China and teaching! I knew you would! Miss and love you so much! Hurry home ♥

  3. Aw thanks you guys! I love you so much! Seriously your encouragement helps a ton. Thank you for being the best friends in the world. I'm so glad that my pictures and stories brighten your day :) Miss you both.. only 3 more months!

  4. Sounds like they know you pretty and candy! :)