Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 14th: Arrival

I have arrived! I miss you guys so much already but I am so thrilled to be here experiencing so many new things. It has been overwhelming, it's just a lot to take in! Let's review what has happened...

So we landed in Shanghai and we were informed that there were 2 more volunteers flying in from San Francisco that would arrive around 6 that night and it was only 11AM. So basically our first day was spent in the airport. It was kinda sucky not being able to go outside or anything. I wore the same outfit for like ever it felt. We saw this huge engagement in the airport, all these Asians were holding rainbow balloons and there was a violinist and flowers and all this stuff it was so cool! I bought some sweet Chinese bread and had KFC which was kinda yucky to be honest. Then we left and got on the bus and had to ride 3 hours to our school and that was miserable! It was freezing and I was beyond exhausted but then we made it. We walked in the door of our building and it was pitch black, couldn't see a thing! We don't have any lights in the stairwell or hallways and so we carried all of our luggage up to the 6th floor and that is a LOT of stairs! Then we realized that all of the thermostats on our floor (the girls floor) are broken! SO AWESOME. No, it's really not that bad though, just uncomfortable. Our temp thing said it was 1 degree celcius in our room! The room is nice but dirty, like I have never been so grateful for clorox wipes in my whole life! I slept in fuzzy socks, slippers, sweats, a shirt, a jacket and my big coat and gloves and 2 layers of blankets. I was fine and slept like a baby! Then we got up and had some delicious bread that was in our rooms when we got here, it's sooo good. Then I tried drinking some of the milk from a bag which was delicious but difficult haha I spilled it like 3 times. Then me and my roommate Jocelyn, who I love, walked around the campus together and explored with Dan, one of our head teachers. Then we got ready and had a meeting and went to lunch which was kinda not so great but bearable. We took some pictures and then went out and took a big trip to Tesco. That is a whole separate email in and of itself! It was sooo crazy there like not being able to read or understand anything! Shopping in China is hard haha but it was fun! I'm just going with the flow. Got some essential stuff and talked to some Asians, got stared at and laughed at and told I was beautiful. What an experience that was, I really have no words! Then we came back and had another meeting and then went to the night market. There were tons of fireworks going off, actually I can still hear them outside my window right now! Some people got to light lanterns and let them float away into the night and that was soo pretty watching them fill up the sky. I've already seen some crazy food! I love the hustle and bustle of the city, it's overwhelming at first but once I get used to it I think I'll love it here! There are 10 single girl teachers, 5 single guy teachers and then a married couple. I have already hit it off with pretty much everyone! It's going well! I feel like there is so much to say but I just don't have much time. I love you all soooo much!!!

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